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Caring for your wax melt crumbles 

Always monitor your burner or melting device of choice. Place a reasonable amount of wax crumbles or wax melt into the burner and allow to dissolve. Never leave in the reach of children or pets. Never use cleaning products on the melting device. Always wait until device has cooled to clean with a cloth or paper towel. Wipe out carefully and reuse as needed.

Caring for your wickless candle

Always monitor your warmer or warming plate of choice. Remove lid from the candle before placing onto your warmer. Allow candle to melt which usually takes between 30-45 minutes. Only allow up to 4 hours of use at a time, this helps with ensuring. the longevity of your candle fragrance. Be very cautious since the warmer and jar can be hot to touch. Allow a reasonable amount of time to cool then remove from warmer. Never leave in the reach of children or pets.